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At CrossFit Omaha we value commitment. When you get started with us we want you to stick with it. We invest our time, energy, and emotions in you: we love to see you develop and use what you learn. We hope you’ll join us for a Free Trial Session to see what we’re all about.

Step #1: Attend a Free Trial Session

We believe it is imperative to have an understanding of CrossFit first and see what we do here in person at CrossFit Omaha, and there’s no better way than to come in, meet us, tell us about what you’re looking for and let us give you a workout while you’re here.

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Step #2: Complete our 10 Intro Sessions

Every single member of our gym is required to complete introductory training sessions with our experienced coaches which introduce you to the foundational movements of CrossFit. These are available for purchase upon completion of the Free Trial Session.

Step #3: Choose your Membership & Attend Class!

Upon completion of one of the introductory options you are ready to join in group classes. We will cover all of the details after you finish your final introductory session.



Still Have Questions?

That’s ok, we’d love to hear from you and answer whatever questions you may have!

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