Go Far Nutrition

Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching

We understand that the foundation of a healthy lifestyle starts with how you fuel your body. Our nutritional lifestyle coaching, in partnership with Go Far Fitness, offers habit based coaching with the goal of helping you eat clean, navigate your busy schedule, and giving you confidence in choosing healthy food options that are sustaining to your health and life!

Whether you are looking to improve your diet, shed some pounds, or simply gain confidence in navigating your health, Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching is for you!


Current Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching Offering:

12 Week Individual Coaching (Offered online or in person)

This coaching option is for individuals that are looking for more one-on-one attention. Perhaps you're already experienced with watching what you eat and know the basics about food quality but have a hard time sticking with or creating healthy habits. This option is for you. It consists of individual sessions where we will address old habits, new habits, and barriers to your success in reaching your goals.


- Weekly one-on-one 60 Minute AMRAP sessions with your coach.
- Goal setting around nutrition choices, stress management, and weekly exercise.
- Personalized sessions to meet the needs of your specific goals.
- Planning ahead together to tackle meal planning, grocery shopping, and finding budget-friendly meals for you and/or your family.
- How to read food labels.
- Individualized tips, tricks, and ideas to maintain a healthy balance in your life.
- Encouragement when you feel like you mess up or struggled to reach a goal.
- Education on the following:
- Meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits, starches, sugar, and drinks.
- Food labels, restaurants, travel, and grocery store navigation.
- How to challenge old habits and create new ones.
- Building confidence as a healthy individual.
- Tips and tricks that are convenient and sustainable for your life.
- Optional weekly weigh-ins.
- Weekly measurements.
- Pre and post progress photos.
- Body measurements.

Life is always going to be happening, it's time to take a step toward a healthier you! Join us today!

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